A37 Begonya

Color Trends / 2019

As a matter of fact, every person's life forms a story. We can imagine that cosmos consists of billions of stories! However, most of them are ordinary stories. 

A few are unusual, colorful, successful and even charming.

As people, entities also have a life story. And just like people, a few of them have an unusual story.

What makes them unusual is that they do not content themselves with what is given but go after "what they deserve". They make differences rather than adopt themselves to the environment main lines of which is shaped with all rules and tendencies, traditions and the way of thinking. This necessitates the will to intervene in life. This will beautifies the life, in other words, the story and turns it into a masterpiece, a literary text.

Betek has adopted this philosophy of life since it was founded in 1993. It has never satisfied with what was given. It has become the indisputable leader of industry with quality production and it never fails to be the pioneer of innovation and creativeness. Betek continues to follow its mission of being a pioneer.

This catalogue is the product of this point of view and effort.


F 278 Ada

Cooperation with Ümit Ünal who is the Turkish representative of international Color Commission-Intercolor since 1996 and who is an expert in design has started last year and continues with firm steps.

Ümit Ünal chose two concepts for the catalogue of "Color Trends of Betek for Two thousand fifteen/Two thousand sixteen" and determined the color groups that he believed best representing these concepts.

This catalogue prepared by Ümit Ünal is not a product of an ordinary "story". With this catalogue, Ünal brings a secondary reality, in other words, the "living art" which is completely the product of his fiction against the "absolute reality". The paint will no longer be an ordinary thing. He continuously redefines the connection between color and life.

He involves paint in the daily life and he does not disconnect it from the integrity of life. He thinks about life and he embraces the world as "his world" without falling into the trap of repeating the old and letting himself go with the easiness of existing thoughts but he never satisfies with this. He regenerates the world. He shows you the way to create your own colorful worlds.

This catalogue of Betek is the manifest of another world. This is not a call made by shouting or screaming. This is a quiet, calm and dignified call. A call opening to the universe from your inner world. A call to see life in a different point of view. Betek distinguishes from craftsmen and becomes a life artist with this catalogue.

In Fez, the third biggest city of Morocco, engaged persons drink milk to have a white (good) life. Colorful imagination, energy and knowledge of Ümit Ünal, designing ability of Defne Sarıyer and Betek's will to intervene in life came together and formed this catalogue. In the catalogue, unusual stories leave colorful clothes on the road for unusual lives.

We are proud and happy to share this catalogue with you and we wish you a colorful life story. 

C174 Kıvılcım

Cosmic Colors

We usually forget that we are a part of cosmos while we are living in the colors of the world we built. However, Cosmic colors reveal our sense of belonging and our connection with cosmos.

We combined cosmic colors with dark tones of the depth of Cosmos and special color palettes with aesthetics. We realized that we are a part of the cosmos and redefined all the colors.

Colors are inspired from meteors, planets, stars and cosmos covering all these and millions of illuminated, glossy, vivid, contrast, dark gloss and light tones.

Panoptic Colors

Your house will become the universe and the universe will become your house. With panoptic colors, we can view the whole from a broad perspective, we can look at life, universe, cosmos and ourselves.

We offer a new approach in terms of color selection for exterior places and exterior surfaces. In this approach, courageous, colorful, pastel, dark and semitones are dominant. 

While blue and blue scales can be used dominantly on exterior surfaces, you can achieve cosmic gloss levels through strong tones of yellow, hard coal and cosmic dark tones.