Silicon modified acrylic emulsion-based, pigment, exterior top-coat primer with high coverage, adherence and penetration power.

Improved penetration ability on surfaces having low absorbency with the special binder used in its formula. High adherence thanks to the special filler system. Forms a binding bridge between the paint and the surface. Prevents the salt to surface to the paint layer by being dissolved thanks to this quality. Reduces paint consumption. Enables the moisture in the structure to be released thanks to its breathability. Prevents the paint that will be applied to be absorbed differently by the surface.

Purakril Primer can be applied on acrylic- and mineral-based surfaces, plasters, concrete, exposed concrete, pre-cast concrete panels, faded but still self-supporting old painted ready-plaster surfaces. Ensure to smoothen the imperfections on the application surface. Recommended to be colored with a shade in line with the shade of the top coat paint as systematically recommended for top-coat paints with poor coverage.